New trend: audio content

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The popularity of audio content has been on the rise for years. Thanks to increased mobility in everyday life, there are now more opportunities for listening on the go. In addition, an increasing number of people want to use their time more effectively and sensibly.

With p4p™ AUDIO, you can offer your readers uncomplicated access to audio content. The module allows for simple integration, management and linking of podcasts and read-aloud functions.

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Many newspaper publishers have already decided to become part of the podcast world, which is only sensible. With low technical requirements and costs, you can provide your readers with authentic content and increased conversational depth.

Link your podcasts with p4p™ AUDIO as single contributions or running series and manage all your publications. All podcasts are listed online with images and descriptions. With time planning, you get to keep an overview of all past and future publications.


More and more people like to listen to articles on their way to work, while doing sports or just to relax. With the text-to-speech function of p4p™ AUDIO, texts can be converted into natural-sounding audio. High-quality listening pleasure can thus be created using language synthesis deep-learning technology. The choice is yours — more than 100 natural and human-sounding voices are at your disposal.

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Your benefits:

  • Read-aloud functions and automatically generated podcasts in e-paper apps
  • Independent podcast applications
  • Linking of online platform to release audio content via API
  • Alexa Skills
  • Access to content via CarPlay applications